Binance assets are represented by ticker symbols, which are standardized codes used to identify specific assets on the exchange. These ticker symbols are used in trading pairs, which represent the exchange rate between two assets. For example, the trading pair BTC/USDT represents the exchange rate between Bitcoin and Tether, a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar.


The useBinanceAsset function is a utility function that returns a stream of a specific asset from Binance assets. It takes in an AssetSelector object that represents the desired asset and uses the useBinanceAssets hook to retrieve a stream of all Binance assets. The function then maps over the stream to find the asset with the provided ID. If the asset is not found, the function throws a MissingAssetError with the original AssetSelector object as an argument.

const asset = useBinanceAsset(assetOf('binance:btc-usdt'))


The useBinanceAssets function is a utility function that retrieves all available assets from Binance and returns them as an Observable. It does this by using the useBinanceInstruments hook to retrieve all trading pairs on Binance, and then extracts the base and quote assets from each pair. The function then reduces these assets into a single object that maps each asset's ID to an Asset object.

const assets = useBinanceAssets()

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